Tableaux de Provence-
Think the Saxophone is just for jazz? Think again.

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Ken Miller

Richardson Wildflower Festival
Video clip of Urban Renewal at the 2009 Wildflower Festival. Enjoy!!

Music is the

      universal language...

The great Quincy Jones piece performed with Crosswinds


It's my life's work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. Music is truly at the heart of all that I do. It is my goal to inspire others to carry on a life long passion and tell their story through the language of music.

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


This is my official website, created for  my fans and students to keep up with my various projects, shows, and schedules. I've been blessed to make my living doing what many dream of but few actually do — perform and teach music.  I'm honored that you're joining me. As my Mom always told visitors, make yourself at home and if you want something to drink the fridge is in the kitchen.

Whether I'm in the studio, teaching a lesson, working on a new project or headed to all four-corners of the country, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with me and my music. This site is under construction and I'll be working hard to keep the information current, topical, and fun. So peruse at your leisure and check back often — you never know when something new and fun is going to be added for your music enjoyment!